Deadpool 2


Deadpool 2 hit the theaters Thursdays, and L&D (with special guest, F) were totally prepared.   Unlike the MCU compendium buckshot mess that came out a few weeks ago, this one did not disappoint.   After a brief L&D&F discussion about how rare it was to see a quality movie trailer, we were treated to an R-rated (?) trailer for The Happytime Murders, featuring an extended puppet silly-string money shot — one of many indignities on display — that really set the stage for the evening’s entertainment.   Next up was the requisite Greg Marcus appearance, this time featuring him in a comedic role as an opera singer, possibly his best work yet as the affable opening act.  Did he do this just for DP2?

And on with the show.

Deadpool 2 is a seriously hilarious follow up to the original that co-topped the L&D list for 2016, for its action sequences targeting 15-year old boys and jokes targeting middle-aged men.  For instance, this is pretty much straight up a Terminator rip off, with Cable (Josh Brolin, who else?) playing Arnold and Deadpool playing the intermediary instead of that Kyle guy.  It also pays a fairly serious tribute to the James Bond films.  And Superman.  I was catching references to and fro throughout, which leads me to believe I missed a lot of stuff that you will find funny that I simply missed.  I ran into a college student who saw it and loved it and she didn’t know it was one big hat tip to Terminator.

How could you not know that?   Kids these days.

Overall, we are treated to the same cast of characters and follow pretty much the same formula. Can you follow up that brilliant opening sequence from the first one?   Yes, you can.   I wouldn’t exactly call it brilliant, but I laughed and then re-laughed as the gag went along.   All of our favorite characters from last time were back, and aside from T.J. Miller I think they were all as good or better than what we saw in the first movie.  The X-Men in training scene was outstanding, and the super gang sequence that you keep seeing in trailers is superbly ridiculous and fantastic.

This is so much better than Infinity War that I can’t even tell you.  That Infinity War has a 68 Metacritic score right now compared to only a 66 for DP2 is both disgraceful and instructive. Once again the theater was packed on opening night, but this time the crowd was raucous and festive and roared throughout the closing credit sequence, which really couldn’t have been any better.  The biggest disappointment of the evening is that it didn’t last longer, though the final shot was pretty much a perfect ending.  Maybe Marvel will do us all a favor and have Pool come in and save the next Avengers movie.

UPDATE:  Not everyone thinks the puppet finishing its business is all that funny.

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