A Quiet Place

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L&D braved the first major lightning storm of the year to sit through the ultra-creepy A Quiet Place.   The film is set in some post-apocalyptic world, with John Krasinski and family doing their farming and fishing and, um, reproducing in relative isolation and near-absolute quiet, steering clear of whatever is on the prowl outside.  I will admit to curling up in a ball a few times and jumping out of my seat once or twice, perhaps three times.   Maybe four.   The Marcus deluxe recliners were virtually perfect for squirming purposes.

The best part of this movie is its pacing and its ability to create suspense and tension.  This is the rare film that you say you should see in the theater because of the lack of sound — the silence was seriously unsettling and destabilizing.   I also liked that it took care of business and then some in under 90 minutes.  Well done.   (It also features the best illustration of the dangers of a grain silo since Witness).

The worst part is that the setting and resolution are so wildly implausible that L wouldn’t keep quiet about it on the way home.   But, even so, he agreed it was pretty scary — I’m pretty sure he closed his eyes and missed the climax!   We both agreed that that this movie was as advertised, and we even reminisced about the high-quality suspense and mystery created in 10 Cloverfield Lane, a movie we both liked, but I don’t think we reviewed.

So, if you like being scared without too much in the way of blood and gore, you should check this one out.

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