Jexi is the slapstick comedy version of Her and if you go into it with low expectations you will be surprisingly pleased. I don’t know what’s crazier, that a smartphone would hijack your life, that Cate (Alexandra Shipp) would be interested in Phil (Adam DeVine) or that they would go mountain biking without wearing helmets. One thing the film has going for it is the backdrop of San Francisco, which plays a central role. One of my favorite scenes was a night time bike ride that goes sideways. I lived in San Francisco for 6 years and rode a bike everyday. It’s fun and it doesn’t hurt if you are a little fearless — at least about bike riding on hills. That scene did a great job capturing the adventure that zooming around The City at night can be. 

In general the film was amicably helmed by John Lucas and Scott Moore. It also had some decent cameos by Wanda Sykes, Kid Cudi and Michael Peña. There are also strong supporting roles by Ron Funches and Charlyne Yi as Phil’s supportive coworkers. Well, supportive until Jexi decides to …

So overall I enjoyed this film. It’s a decent cautionary tale with some blue comedy that I found amusing. It’s not as funny, deep or blue as the sleeper hit Good Boys but it still surprised me with how funny it actually was and certainly passed the six dollar Thursday night movie bar.

Powering off. 

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