Angel Has Fallen


L&D might be in the market to transcribe our conversations, as it seems that we can’t keep up with our reviews.  We took in Angel Has Fallen on opening night approximately a month ago, and we are just getting around to it now.  The verdict is that it wasn’t half bad.  It stars Gerard Butler as a Secret Service agent, Morgan Freeman as the President who loves him, and Nick Nolte as the guy who pees in the hot tub.  Where the story is headed is not terribly mysterious, and it’s tough not to pat yourself on the back throughout for being able to see six steps ahead, who the traitors are, who is going to get killed, and who is going to be still standing when the considerable amount of dust settles.  But mystery is not really the point of Gerard Butler productions now, is it?

Indeed, this is the second time we’ve seen a Butler production in the past year from what appears to be the same production companies and crew.  I would pretty much throw this one in the same bin as Hunter Killer in terms of its male-centered sensibilities, high production values, solid acting, and overall adrenaline rushiness.  Although the movie isn’t terribly original — Butler’s character is sort of a mashup of Jack Ryan and Richard Kimble — it still allows Butler to show more range than with the more robotic caricature of a hardened submarine commander from the previous film.  This is possibly because this is the third in the Angel trilogy (who knew?!?) and this is just where the character has evolved.  Who knows?  I guess my only real observation is that given how it played out, when the antagonist says “Lions” in his dying breath, Butler should not have been so taciturn.  I think “**** ***, *******” would have been more appropriate.

Overall, L&D didn’t need to see (or even know about) the first two to enjoy the third one.  There are probably four or five thrilling scenes in the movie, including some innovative work with drone strikes.  Once DC is rebuilt, perhaps they’ll get around to making a fourth, but for now this one can provide you with way more than your fair share of explosive action if explosive action is your thing.

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